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testimonies from art students:

Kim Leanne's art classes are inspirational and very easy to learn from. Kim has worked with my natural ability and let me develop my own style.

Mimi Graham

I've always wanted to have a go at landscapes but never thought I had the ability. Kim makes it easy to understand the technique and also makes it an enjoyable experience. My family and friends cannot believe that this "old coot" could actually bring a scene to life.

If I can do it anyone can!

Alan Seignior      

It is wonderful to find that I'm able to do something that I always wanted to do and find yes I can paint! It is an excellent experience. I may never be rich from painting but I'm enjoying it!

Daphne Green

All my life I was interested in art but it was not until I retired that I found the time to explore this pleasure. I attended Kim Leanne's art classes and am very pleased with what I have achieved.

Ken Remmington

Kim Leanne's art classes have taken me to a level in painting that I never thought I'd achieve. I am a beginner however Kim's teaching has made painting incredibly easy not to mention my overwhelming satisfaction in completing a landscape scene in just two hours.

Patricia Lamoreaux

As someone new to art it was amazing to be able to create a painting in just one lesson. Each week I would take home my work and every time I looked at it I just couldn't believe that I actually painted it! Kim teaches everyone the same techniques and yet in a class of eight people with each individual style no two paintings look the same.We learned how to draw, mix colours, paint using brushes and knives and various methods of paint application creating interesting and unique works of art and the classes were so much fun. The two hours seemed to pass in a blink. I would highly recommend these classes for both beginner and also serious artists, you will be amazed at what lovely paintings can be created in such a short time . I know I was!

Robyn Hallewell     

I could always sketch a bit, but never used oils. Somehow oils were just a bit scary. Walking past this shop I thought "I could make the time and have a go!" There may be no place for me in the art pages of history, but the enjoyment and pleasure I get from "having a go" more than compensate for the courage it took to walk into Kim's studio that very first time!

Ray Cheasley

Will I...Can I...If only...Hurdles


Most of my life I have yearned to create my vision of landscape.

Indulge yourself in 2 hours of Kim's ingenious step-by-step tuition. Incite your desires. Let go of your inhibitions. Apply Kim's techniques. You will create a unique piece of Art...Priceless. I can assure you you will enjoy every lesson. Share in your class group enthusiasm and leave with your painting to proudly display.

Roseanne Schwenke