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Discover for Yourself how Easy and Enjoyable Painting can be! BUY NOW

Welcome to My Garden


Learn to capture the beauty of the garden and it's elements using a variety of different painting materials. Clear step-by-step instructions with obvious "page markers" so you can paint along with the dvd just like attending a studio class.

All the lessons in this series are painted with just yellow blue and magenta + white for the acrylic lessons and black and white for the pastels. Learn to mix a variety of greens and purples, browns, grey and even black from these few basic colours.

An inspiring blend of instruction and entertainment for all ages. BUY NOW

only $59.95 for the full series of 4 DVDs

DISC 1                     Garden Archway

Demonstrated "en plein air" with the easel set up right beside the subject.

Learn to make your own unique painting tool with a common kitchen sponge.

Simple instructions for mixing a variety of greens, brown, grey and black from 4 tubes of acrylic paint:

ultramarine blue

cadmium yellow

quinacridone magenta

titanium white

Painted on a 16"x20" prestretched artist canvas

Using just your kitchen sponge for the scene and 1 oval paintbrush for the birds

DISC 2                   Flowing Fountain

Create your own impressionist masterpiece garden scene.

In memory of Monet and his famous gardens, this scene is also captured from an artists very own private garden.

Executed entirely with the kitchen sponge +1 brush for the magpies and the 4 colours from the previous lesson.

DISC 3                     Pastel Robins

A great introduction to soft pastel. Be amazed at the colour mixing possibilities and achievable detail of soft pastel.

Using just 4 sticks of soft pastel:

Ultramarine blue




+ black and white pastel pencils

normal pencil eraser

blending paper stump

DISC 4              Watercolour Birdbath

Create a lively and vibrant watercolour painting with a minimum of equipment.

3 tubes of colour:

Ultramarine blue

Cadmium Yellow


+ 2B Water soluble graphite pencil

2 brushes:

#8 round sable

#20 imitation round sable

Free and easy techniques applied layer upon layer on a sheet of A4 medium texture 300gsm watercolour paper. 

  Kim Leanne has entitled the set Welcome to My Garden, but it’s a two way process. Through these DVDs, you can also welcome Kim into your house – the teacher comes to you through these DVDs.

And that’s what really amazed me as I watched these workshops – how immediate they are, how Kim shares and communicates the experience to her audience, and how professional the whole process is. Not professional in an unreachable, ivory tower way, but professional in the sense of a teacher sharing her skills, professional in the quality of the filming and recording, professional in the way the background music blends with the setting of garden and bird life to produce a truly memorable experience.

Even for a non-artist, these films are wonderful to watch, because they invite us to leave behind that hustle and bustle pace of modern society and instead to enjoy the beauty of the natural world that is often so close to our own back doors….

It’s really a cause to celebrate that something as professional, something as relaxing and something as enriching as this DVD set comes from our own region. It really is a credit to Kim, and it shows once again that we have major talents in our community. Kim calls the whole process Step by Step art and that is what it is – the viewer is taken through the steps, and sees exactly what Kim is painting, and how it is done.

…it’s always reassuring to know that old ways and traditional, meaningful art forms continue.

Geoff Barlow - Client Services Librarian Gympie Regional Library